7 Secrets to Project Management Success

IT software projects can be more demanding as team members need to possess expertise towards the software products and services that are used in the software projects. Here are seven secrets towards successful project management that provide for timely accomplishment of goals and objectives. You may also like to assume the Project Manager title after accomplishing the PMP training, as it will make you an expert in managing IT projects.


  • Have all the relevant details and the project scope prepared beforehand
It is important that you have all the project details ready before you start on it. These should also be approved by the stakeholders. The important pre-project details include the delivery dates, milestones, budgetary considerations, resources and worksheets, and others. A detailed scope helps the project team to focus on the task better, and while the change requests are common and often occur, they can be better managed with your client when you have a thorough plan.
PMP Certification
  • Enroll nominal number of team members who possess right skill sets
A project manager should see to it that the project team is not overstaffed, and adequate skills are there as well. For instance, an IT project that uses a Microsoft software and/or service should have people certified in that given technology. Swelling the ranks with people not required or those possessing irrelevant skills will cause over expenditure. Unnecessary reports will also be generated and these will distract the focus and attention of the project manager. This is why proper team selection is very important towards the successful and timely accomplishment of a project at the least of cost.
  • Keep looking for variances
From staff behavior to the reports a project manager comprehends, variances can be found anywhere. Variances are very important as they may point out towards the trend which when noticed and corrected in the right time provides for the unsuccessful accomplishment of project goals and objectives. If a project manager fails to decipher the variances, the outcomes may go out of hand. The problems may exacerbate and maybe beyond correction and improvement eventually. That is why a project manager needs to be on his/her toes and keep looking for variances and problems until the project is successfully closed and accomplished.
  • Keep in touch with the sponsors

Sponsor is the party that provides funding for the project. It has been found that project managers who can keep the clients engaged are more successful, and the objectives and goals hence attained are more attractive and pleasing to the end clients.

Many things and deliverables fall out of the scope of the initial project planning, and proper engagement with the sponsor (through meetings, phone conversations etc) provide for better amalgamation of client aspirations and requirements with the deliverables.

  • Set the expectations milestones upfront and also know your risks
Consider having short-term milestones so that the project is always on track and it’s never too late to find out the problems and scope creeps. Compare your outcomes with the benchmarks to ensure that quality standards have been met. Also, arrange regular meetings of the team members and discuss the achievements and fallbacks regularly. Timely reviews and revisions will help you achieve your goals better. Also, do not neglect the risks and have a separate plan for overcoming them.
  • Assign responsibilities clearly
Choosing a right project team/ hierarchy organizational structure is important, as it ensures that all team members are accountable for their work deeds. Also, regularly review the performance of the employees and keep them motivated as well. Try not to overwhelm or overburden the project stuff with excessive responsibilities and tasks, which will lead to errors and job dissatisfaction. Also ensure that the task has been allotted to the staff in lieu of their skill sets, knowledge and certifications.
  • Enjoy the milestones

Some projects can be very long and the project staff may need a break. Achievement of milestones is a worthy point at which the achievements of the project so far can be rejoiced and celebrated.

A PMP certification in Bangalore will help you get all the skills required for excellent project management within the IT work segment. You can now get hands-on training in real-world industrial projects in project management, and have access to instructor-led training sessions and classrooms (both offline and online) by enrolling for the PMP certification with any  leading online IT education service providers. You also get learning materials, practice sets and all other resources that can turn you into a valuable project manager.

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